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Back to Situational Leadership Styles

Back to Situational Leadership Styles After all these years, I keep coming back to Situational Leadership Styles. It is something that I use all the time in my life. I remember Kenneth Blanchard, himself, introducing the concept at a training course I attended way back in (I think?) 1996. The concept seems simple enough: Leadership…
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What is Gamestorming?

What is Gamestorming? How do I explain Gamestorming? Well, it is not a particular something, but more of a collection of things that we can do; essentially a set of games we can play to squeeze out the BLAH that would otherwise be the result of your organization's latest all day workshop. There are a…
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Tenacity Is Tenacity (or Tenacity Intelligence) another Million Dollar Consulting Service area where seminar after seminar will be delivered just a little like what we've experienced with Emotional Intelligence? I sure hope not. I am going to get ahead of this possible trend and say there is no such thing as a level of intelligence for…
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