The GlobeCast

Episode 4: Changing Your 9 to 5

In Episode 4 of the GlobeCast, Gurmeet Mangat talks about growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit and about his over-flowing passion for process improvement.  

Episode 3: The Change Architect

Beth Hughes talks about how she made the transition from a career as a Change Architect in Financial Services to a career as a full-time Change Architect for Non-Profit organizations, where her skills in helping others navigate change is truly making a difference in the world.

Episode 2: Tap Dancing with Lynda Burns

Lynda describes an incredibly interesting career progression from driving a double-decker bus in London to various project management and senior management experiences, and, finally, to her current role focused on helping others learn about effective project management. Along the way, she has always managed to maintain a focus on the welfare of others.

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Episode 1: A conversation with David Schiller (A Consulting “Lifer”)

Peter sits down with David Schiller, who recently retired from PriceWaterhouseCoopers after almost 24 years. David reflects on life lessons that came along the way of many years of demanding projects and a life on the road.

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