Recommendation from Brad Nielsen for Peter Walzer (via LinkedIn)

I had an excellent experience working with Peter as he lead a consulting effort to gain consensus on process improvement opportunities and prioritization of solutions. Peter's approach was very unique, with heavy use of "GameStorming", which almost completely eliminated individual biases and resistance and led to the most efficient consensus building and solution identification I've seen. It was actually fun to participate in, and we had a lot of laughs in addition to completing our goals in record time. In 1 day, we were all in agreement on the projects needed. Prior to these exercises with Peter, I participated with a very large consulting firm attempting to produce similar outcomes and deliverables. There was a huge difference in efficiency - the large firm used a more traditional and less fun approach, and all participants dug their heels in and would not let go of their personal agendas. The consensus was achieved, but it took 3 months and hundreds of labor hours. I know Peter has many other skills that I have not had the opportunity to observe, but when it comes to efficient envisioning, scope, prioritization, and consensus building, he is the cream of the crop. I'm looking forward to the next effort that can benefit from Peter's services and his unique "GameStorming" approach.