SmartBluePrints: PMO

A lot of Project Management Offices (PMO's) have been rolled out in the last 15 or 20 years. Many of these roll-out efforts could be characterized as not knowing where to start, and certainly lacking a tool-box or set of blue prints. This may be why many PMO's are not viewed as extremely successful.

Here is where SmartBluePrints: PMO© comes in. It can be your foundation to roll-out that new PMO or perhaps to re-tool the one that is already running.

All SmartBluePrints leverage decades of Blue Globe Management Consulting experience and smart, malleable no-code components built on Smartsheet technology, which won't require a large Information Technology shop to support.

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- Leverage Smartsheet’s Control Center to automatically map and roll-up Project Types to the right portfolio, and automatically roll-up Key Portfolio Metrics

- Drill down to individual problem projects or projects of interest from the Portfolio Dashboard 

- For the Agile IT Portfolio, review the status of Current Sprints that are being tracked in Jira, using Smartsheet’s Jira Connector

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Involve your Key Stakeholders in Project Proposal Reviews:

- Move Projects to the right “lane,” from initial Project Proposal to submission of the Project for Approval

- Take advantage of Smartsheet Automation for PMO Review and Approval

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- Leverage standard Project Status Report “1-Pagers” from the minute the PMO has leveraged Smartsheet’s Control Center to approve a project.

-Project Manager Status updates are completely as simply as responding to an emailed Web-form on your mobile device.

- Drill-down to the Project Schedule for a Project to get a closer look at project activity or drill-down and inspect Issues and Risks

- Use the Project Status Report as a Project Portal to access Key Deliverables and Project Life Cycle documents that are included as links on the “1-pager”

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- Get an early sense of Organizational Change Management areas to focus on for each project with a standardized Stakeholder Analysis

- If the Stakeholder Analysis uncovers the need for further Change Management activity, drill deeper with specific impact analyses that drive a comprehensive Change Management Plan

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- As a Resource Manager, you get full visibility to your Resource Commitments on individual projects and across all projects using Smartsheet's 10,000ft

- As a Project Manager you can leverage Smartsheet's 10,000ft Resource Panel within your Project Sheet to set and view Resource Assignments. 

- For Agile IT Projects you also have the ability pull in Project Assignments from Jira and Sync-up Estimates and Actual Work for each Sprint 

- Allow your resources to leverage Smartsheet’s 10,000ft easy to use Timesheets to update actual work for all current assignments

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