Blue Globe Announces “Road Shows” to Gather Input for SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Plan Architect Initial Release


ALISO VIEJO, California, December 2, 2019 – Blue Globe Group, Inc. announced today the scheduling of the first "Road Shows" to gather input for the initial release of SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Plan Architect. The Road Shows will demonstrate key features slated for the initial release of the firm's first  SmartBluePrints Business Planning product offering, SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Plan Architect, and will gather feedback from key start-up entrepreneurs and strategic planning professionals. This feedback will provide essential input into the initial release of the product, which is now slated for release in early 2020.

SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Planning Architect is being developed by the firm's Blue Globe System Division and incorporates the considerable experience of the Blue Globe Management Consulting Division's Principal, Peter Walzer, in assisting clients with Business Planning and Strategic Planning efforts.  The SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Planning Architect product is based on Smartsheet's ( flexible, low-code toolset that allows Fortune 500 companies to quickly deploy solutions without having to rely exclusively on their internal Information Technology departments.

In reflecting on the functionality of the SmartBluePrints: Strategic Business Planning Architect product, Mr. Walzer lamented that such a product offering did not exist during the many business planning and strategic planning efforts he has led: "I sure wish we had a tool like this when I was leading workshops and cobbling together various elements to drive coherent and consistent planning outcomes.  There is also nothing like this tool-set to drive plan execution."

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