Blue Globe Announces Return of Popular Blog, Return of BlueNotes, and Start-up of new Medium Publications


ALISO VIEJO, California, September 5, 2019 – Blue Globe Group, Inc. announced today that publication of the firm's popular GlobeBlog would resume with a modified production schedule, and that email delivery of BlueNotes would resume for current subscribers in September.

In addition, the firm's CEO, Peter Walzer, announced the creation of two new Medium ( publications and plans for several other content offerings. BlueProject ( is a publication focused on the Project Management space (The Byline states: "Brutally honest thinking and commentary about managing (and sometimes even just surviving) Projects") and another Medium quarterly publication is also in the planning stages. In addition to these publications, GlobeCast will bring occasional Podcast interviews on Project success stories, as well as the more common "other" category of project experience, which, nevertheless, always offers "lessons learned." Mr. Walzer is also contemplating including Video interviews and talks as part of the firm's free content.

Speaking from his Aliso Viejo, CA office earlier this week, Mr. Walzer was in a philosophical mood about all of these offerings: "Well, we started with TheGlobeBlog, and with that blog I wanted to do something that wasn't just another consultant's diatribe on a 'toolkit.' I wanted to speak to the human element of what we do together on consulting engagements, on projects, in teams, and there really was a great response to was just a lot of work for me to publish it on a weekly basis. I want to bring it back, but it will be monthly now. There is a whole a lot more content we should be bringing to our clients, though. I mean I have been doing this for more than thirty years, so I need to do something with all of these experiences I've had. I thought a few of the experiences were going to be the death of me, so hopefully some of these experiences will be helpful to others. So that is the idea with bringing in additional publications and other content."

Mr. Walzer also mentioned that the BlueNotes email newsletter will provide a guide to all of the new content, as well as to other Blue Globe news, like the recent announcement of the SmartBluePrints product line.

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