Team Dynamics or Lord of the Flies (a Trailer)?

My usual Monday Blog is a bit of a "to be continued" episode this week....

In any case, I did want to give you a bit of a preview of what I am diving into, at the moment, and where it seems to be taking me: have you ever been extremely puzzled by certain team dynamics or just group dynamics in general?

Over the last week, I have been thinking about this subject again quite a bit because (1) I keep running into strange team situations in my business life and (2) it is the time of year when many of us are involved in reunions of one sort or another, and that usually brings up all sorts of odd scenarios. In my own case, it is the time of year when a portion of my extended family gets together for one of the strangest affairs you could ever experience -- that my wife and I have now been exiled from -- that some would say is a reenactment of the show Survivor; so, yes, this is what has me thinking about Lord of the Flies.

Coming next week -- yes, again, this is just a bit of a Trailer -- I will be discussing the work of several Business Team Dynamics articles that I am currently reviewing, and it should be interesting.