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130 Hours a Week? — Part 1

Marissa Meyer tells us we definitely can work 130 hours a week In a Bloomberg Business Week interview with Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo tells us that they way she measures the potential success of the start-ups that are run out of the “co-working office in San Francisco” that her “husband [the venture capital…

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Team Dynamics or Lord of the Flies?

Post-Doctoral Work in Group Dynamics Anyone? I want to be upfront and say: no I do not have an advanced degree with a focus in Organizational Development, or any related field, nor am I a researcher in the field of Group Dynamics; but I sure am fascinated by the topic. What I can share in…

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Team Dynamics or Lord of the Flies (a Trailer)?

My usual Monday Blog is a bit of a “to be continued” episode this week…. In any case, I did want to give you a bit of a preview of what I am diving into, at the moment, and where it seems to be taking me: have you ever been extremely puzzled by certain┬áteam dynamics…

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