About us

Blue Globe Management Consulting, a division of Blue Globe Group, Inc, is a professional services firm that values actual client results. We will never be satisfied with a well written report or well presented recommendations, even though some consulting firms never get past this point with their clients. We are people-oriented, collaborative, flexible, and focused on the end goal, helping our clients move beyond "credenza-ware."

About Our Principal


Peter Walzer is the Principal of Blue Globe Management Consulting and is an experienced consultant and strategic project manager with 25 years of experience delivering solutions for Fortune 1000 clients.

Mr. Walzer has worked with many large and small organizations. The following list is a representative sample of the prominent organizations he has worked with or within:

MUFG / Union Bank ♦ Wells Fargo ♦ Downey Savings & Loan ♦ Washington Mutual ♦ New Century Financial ♦ Ameriquest Mortgage ♦ IndyMac Bank ♦ Lincoln Financial Group ♦ Experian ♦ Pacific Life ♦ Kaiser Permanente ♦ PacifiCare ♦ YP ♦ AT&T (Sterling Commerce) ♦ DirecTV ♦ ResMed ♦ Adecco ♦ San Diego Gas & Electric ♦ State Farm ♦ Dial / Viad Corporation ♦ Gap ♦ ExhibitGroup / GES ♦ Nissan ♦ EMI Records

Linked In Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/peterwalzer